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Window & Door Materials - Aluminium

Stegbar aluminium windows and doors offer an economical yet strong and durable solution that provides a lifetime of good looks.

Aluminium Stacking Door - Wheelers Hill

Aluminium's unique combination of strength and lightness enables frames, sashes and fittings to be neat and unobtrusive. Because the frames, rails and stiles can be finer than those made in wood, they allow maximum entry of light and provide unobstructed views.

Custom made

Stegbar aluminium custom made windows and doors are as individual as you are, made to your own designs to perfectly match your home's architectural style.

You can maximise your favourite views and create extra light, highlight your home's features, and add fascinating new dimensions by introducing curves and embellishments that turn an ordinary area into a distinctive centrepiece.

Whichever style you choose, you can be sure that Stegbar craftsmanship delivers a window or door that is not only unique, but also maintains the durability and guaranteed performance you expect from Stegbar.

Colour Options

Aluminium windows and doors come powder coated in a range of colours to match your home. We understand that choosing a colour for your windows & doors requires careful consideration. That’s why our range of colour options have been designed to ensure you have the options to complement the style and design of your home.

In addition to our standard range, we also provide you the freedom to choose from a wide range of anodised or custom powdercoat finishes so you can create the perfect colour scheme for your home.

  • Designed for Australian conditions and residential applications
  • Stegbar windows and doors are made-to-order, so you have the freedom to choose the perfect colour and finish for your home
  • Colours available that match Colorbond® Steel
  • Powdercoating comes in a range of finishes, including matt, satin and gloss
  • Tough resistance
  • Outstanding colour fastness
  • Anodised colours offer a natural appearance that has inherent resistance to the elements

Choosing A Colour Palette For The Exterior of Your Home

Whether you want to compliment your building colour or contrast with it, the colour and finish of your windows & doors is an important consideration.

Neutral colours often work best. Not only do they help your home blend with the streetscape but the colour you choose for your windows and doors will also appear on the inside of your home. By choosing something neutral, you will avoid conflict with interior colour palettes.

Match to the era of the home. By matching the colour palette of your windows and doors to the architecture and era of your home you can easily ensure longevity of your colour choice.

Consistency is key. Ideally the exterior colour scheme of a building should include three shades: a dominant shade (the main shade of the walls), an accent colour (doors or shutters) and a trim colour (window frames, door frames, gutters, down pipes, guttering). By choosing colours that match in tonally and complement each other you can achieve a unified look for the home.

Take inspiration from surroundings. If you live in a leafy neighbourhood, your colour choice can take cues from the surrounding landscape, or if your neighbourhood is dominated by homes from the Victorian era you may wish to be inspired by these colour palettes.

Powdercoat Colours NSW QLD VIC & TAS SA WA
White Birch x
x x x
Primrose x
x x
APO Grey x

Pearl White x x x x x
Hammersley Brown

Stone Beige x x x

Custom Black x x x x
Woodland Grey (Slate Grey) x x    
Ultra Silver
Palladium Silver Pearl     x  
Paperbark       x  
Magnolia         x
Satin Black         x
Anotec Dark Grey



Notre Dame


Surfmist (Bond Off White) x

Deep Ocean (Mountain Blue) x

Anodic Natural

Off White

AKZO Interpon Care Flyer – Care and Maintenance of Interpon Powder Coatings

All colours shown are representative of actual powder coat colours and may vary due to monitor configurations. Standard colour options may vary from state to state, other custom colours are available on request please consult your local Stegbar Display Centre or Freecall 1800 681 168 for advice.

Where aluminium products are installed in corrosive locations e.g. within 1km of salt water areas, please consult your nearest Stegbar Sales Office for advice on the types of finishes to be used.

† Custom colour additional charge and longer lead times apply.


Care & Maintenance Of Aluminium Windows

Your aluminium windows and doors offer a lifetime of good looks due to their resistance to the elements. However a regular clean will protect your investment and minimise the effects of weathering.

  • For environments of high corrosion such beach front homes, cleaning should occur at a minimum of every 3 months.
  • Areas that are sheltered need to be cleaned more often as salt or other pollutants can build up and will not be washed away with rainfall.
  • For non-hazardous environments, like rural or urban areas, the aluminium should be cleaned at least every 12 months.
  • To clean your coated aluminium wash down with a solution of warm water and non-abrasive, pH neutral detergent. You can use a soft cloth, sponge or a soft natural bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning to remove any residue (for more information, see our Tips & Tricks).