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Built to last: engineered solid cedar

engineered timber
Finger jointed
engineered timber
Laminated and veneered

Stegbar is recognised as one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of highly crafted doors, guaranteeing built-in quality and durability every time.

We use environmentally friendly methods and materials in the construction of our cedar doors. Commonly referred to as engineered timber components, this form is today world recognised as providing superior stability and structural reliability, while maintaining the warmth and visual appeal of natural solid cedar.

Engineered solid cedar is created by utilising the offcuts generated in timber manufacturing. These offcuts are finger jointed together to form long lengths. This piece of finger jointed timber is then laminated with cedar veneer to create a visually pleasing component.

Stegbar is committed to providing the most suitable components in all our products. We use engineered timber in the vertical stiles of our cedar doors because of the additional structural integrity that it adds to the door. Engineered solid cedar can be cut, shaped, planed, sanded, painted, stained or varnished as easily as natural solid cedar.