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About Windows & Doors

Windows and doors will not only affect the look of your home from inside and outside, but where they are placed and the style you choose will also affect the comfort of you and your family.

 Timber Bi-fold  

The basic function of windows and doors is to admit daylight and ventilation in acceptable and consistent quantities, while maintaining the ambient temperature inside the house - this is your overall comfort level.

But this needs to be balanced against your requirements for what you want to see through them and how much privacy you require. You should also
consider how the windows and doors need to blend with the overall style of your home, both in design and colour. From a safety and security aspect you need to have the appropriate style of window or door for each location. 

Stegbar aluminium custom made windows and doors

And finally if noise is an issue you need to understand the impact of using certain styles of windows and doors, and glazing options.

Stegbar will help you find the best solution for your home to ensure a lifetime of comfortable living for you and your family.