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Windows & Doors - Brick Dimensions

While brick walls all over Australia are made with the same sized bricks, using the same construction methods, the height and width of windows and doors vary between most manufacturers. How can this be?

Well most companies will make windows at a size that is convenient for them to get efficient use of materials and equipment.

Standard brick dimensions

But at Stegbar our customers are what are most important, and so our latest innovation has been to create a standard size for our windows and doors that will make them fit perfectly into brick walls.

Using a standard metric brick and accepted industry practice of 10mm mortar gaps, all Stegbar windows and doors will fit perfectly into whole and half brick openings for width, and whole bricks for height.

Standard brick house dimensions 

Standard Brick Sizes for Doors

There are typically 25 brick courses from the bottom of the door sill to the head of external door frames. Standard hinged doors are 820mm wide, spanning approximately 3.5 bricks wide.

Standard brick sizes for doors

Standard Brick Sizes for Windows

There are typically 24 brick courses from ground level to the head of all windows in a home.
The chart indicates where our standard windows fall into the number of bricks wide and high.

Standard brick sizes for windows