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Stegbar Checklist

Listed below are a number of questions that a Stegbar sales consultant will ask you when you visit one of our Display Centres to get more information on our windows and doors, Showerscreens and Wardrobes products. The sales consultant asks these questions so that they can get a clear understanding of your expectations.


  • Are you building a new home or renovating?
  • What is the building construction? That is brick veneer, double brick, etc.
  • What type of product are you interested in? That is windows or doors, if windows what style and what material?
  • Do you have completed plans with a window schedule?
  • Are you installing the product, buying on behalf of a builder, or will the builder purchase the product?
  • What stage are you at in the building process?
  • When will you require the product?
  • Have you seen anything before that you like?
  • Have you thought about the placement and size of your windows?
  • Have you thought about the type of glass for your windows?


  • Are you building a new home or renovating?
  • Have you set a budget?
  • What model of product do you require? That is what shape is the shower recess.
  • What types of glass are you interested? Clear, translucent, toned, patterned.
  • Do you want a framed or frameless showerscreen?
  • If framed - what colour frame?
  • If frameless - how thick do you want the glass? what style of hinge? do you want it channel or clip fixed to the wall?
  • What type of tiles do you have? that is slate, ceramic, etc.
  • What are your time requirements for measure and installation?
  • What type of base does the shower recess have - raised or recessed hob, flush floor, shower tray?


  • Are you building a new home or renovating?
  • Have you set a budget?
  • What style of doors - hinged or sliding?
  • How many doors do you want?
  • Is it an existing opening - if so what are the widths of reveals and jambs, does it have protruding shelves.
  • Are Stegbar to build an opening?
  • Approximate door opening size?
  • Are you trying to match an existing style or colour?
  • What type of floor - concrete, timber, carpet?
  • Is there existing shelving?