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How to Safely Handle Glass Products

We all know glass is fragile, and broken glass can have serious safety implications. It's important to handle glass with care to avoid accidents and damage. Here’s our top safety tips.

First: Wear the Right PPE

Before handling any glass product, we strongly recommend the use of the right protective equipment. Always wear protective gear such as gloves and safety glasses, and keep your skin covered by wearing long sleeves and pants or a protective layer of clothing.

Safety boots are also advised when handling heavy glass – if dropped on your foot it could cause serious damage and pain.

By following these simple safety guidelines, you can avoid injury and prevent damage to delicate glass and mirror panels.


What Not To Do When Handling Glass


Don’t Use Excessive Force

Avoid applying excessive force or pressure on glass, especially on the edges or corners, as this can cause the glass to crack, chip or shatter.


Avoid Dragging or Sliding

Never drag or slide glass across the ground or other surfaces as it can scratch or damage the glass and the underlying surface. Lift and carry glass panels carefully. When dealing with larger panels of glass, always use two people to lift.


Take Care When Stacking

Avoid stacking glass panels on top of each other without proper support as this can lead to cracks or breaks. Always store and stack glass panels on a flat surface with adequate support and protection between each layer.


Don’t Impact Glass

It goes without saying that you should avoid striking or impacting glass panels with hard or sharp objects – this can cause cracks, chips or breakage.


Don’t Use Glass with Visible Defects

Avoid using glass panels with visible defects, such as cracks, chips, or flaws, as they can compromise the structural integrity and safety of the glass.


Safety Tips for Handling Glass


Store and Transport Glass Safely

Store and transport glass panels in a safe and secure manner, using appropriate packing materials and methods to protect them from damage.


Use Safe Lifting Techniques

Lift and carry glass panels using proper lifting techniques, and don’t attempt to lift panels that are too heavy without asking a partner for help. Always use both hands to grip the glass firmly, and lift with your legs to avoid strain on your back.


Keep Your Work Environment Clear of Hazards

Ensure that your work area is clean and free of clutter to avoid any trips or accidents. We also recommend that pets and children steer clear of the area you’re working in to ensure your whole family remains safe.


Check Glass for Defects

Before you use them, inspect all glass products for any visible defects – don’t use glass with cracks, chips or flaws that could compromise the structural integrity of the panel.


Follow the Manufacturer's Instructions

Follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations for handling and installing glass panels, as different types of glass may have specific requirements.


Ask for Professional Help

If you are unsure about handling glass panels or if the panels are large, heavy or complex in shape or design, it's best to seek advice from professional tradespeople or glaziers.

People that work regularly with glass have mechanical lifting devices available to shift large heavy panels, and these professionals can help you safely manoeuvre your glass panels into place without breakage.


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