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How to prepare for a Galleria wardrobe installation

Looking for advice on prepping for your Stegbar Galleria installation? Here is our best advice for preparing your home (and minds) for a home renovation.

We know that the process of renovating and having trades in your home can be stressful. Here is our best advice for preparing your home (and minds) for a home renovation. 


Taking the chance to prep your home prior to installation day is well worth the time. 

  • Expect your Stegbar Galleria installation to take a full day - maybe even two. 
  • Clear the entry ways into the house.
  • Consider a plastic walkway. Tape plastic on your flooring or even on walls to prevent dirt creeping under.
  • Be careful with stairs, you will want to protect the flooring, but not create a trip hazard.
  • Cover everything - don’t forget dust gets everywhere and you will be shocked about how far dust travels.
  • Ensure the room where the install is happening is cleared of any trip hazards and large items of furniture – remove as much as possible, including all valuables and even pictures on the wall.
  • If you are having an old or existing wardrobe removed by your trades, ensure you have taken out all your personal items.
  • Definitely remove any bedding if you can.
  • Mentally prepare – let go of a clean house and accept the mess.



This is the day you get your amazing Galleria, but your home will also become a work zone.

  • Be prepared for an early start.
  • If possible have your driveway clear so the trades vans/trucks can easily access your home. They don’t then need to walk building materials past your cars. This will also assist making unloading a lot faster – so they can get into the job and finish faster.
  • Have someone home if possible, if you need, tag team with your partner or a trusted friend/family member.
  • It may be worth having a site induction for the installers, be sure to be clear on the house rules – i.e. where the bathrooms are, areas they can/cannot go, discuss shoes if you have new flooring.
  • Keep you kids out of the way – this is a building site and is dangerous for little ones.
  • Think about your pets and ensure they are safe and not likely to cause any harm.
  • Go with the flow, more often than not, renovations don’t always go to plan. Problems may arise or delays may occur.
  • It’s dangerous to be in a work zone without shoes. If you are living through a renovation, then maybe put a spare of shoes aside for use when you enter that area.
  • No doubt you’ll be pleased to say good bye to the tradies when the job is completed. Set aside some time to clean after they have left, regardless of how good they clean up after, there will always be mess and cleaning to be done.

Watch Christal Fysentzou's Galleria journey, from inspiration to installation.


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