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Aneeta Sashless window guide

Learn more about the beautiful design of the Aneeta Sashless window and its applications within your home.

A sleek and contemporary addition to any space, Aneeta Sashless windows will ensure uninterrupted views of the great outdoors without compromising on functionality.

A minimalist aesthetic in minimal space

Featuring clean lines and no protruding openings, Stegbar’s Aneeta Sashless windows are the perfect choice for architectural projects when space optimization is your highest priority.

Customise your home

Available in a range of pane combinations and your choice of a vertical or horizontal sliding configuration, Aneeta Sashless windows are perfectly customisable to reflect your unique design needs.

A seamless transition

Featuring a system of two or more counterbalanced moving panes of glass without the need for the bulk of a timber or aluminium frame, Aneeta Sashless windows seamlessly connect your living space with the outdoors.

Rotational ventilation

Offering the choice to open at both the top and bottom of its frame, our Aneeta Sashless designs provides perfect rotation ventilation capabilities without interrupting your vista views.

alumiere aneeta sashless window
residential aneeta sashless window
residential aneeta sashless window
siteline aneeta sashless window

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