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Energy efficient glass

Glazing options to suit Australia's tough climate, make your home more comfortable and help reduce your power bills.

Increasing utility and power bills, wanting to reduce our emissions for heating and cooling systems. Extreme summer heat and power black outs. This is the modern day reality of living in Australia and our changing environment.


At Stegbar we know the battle Australian homeowners have between staying comfortable in their home and also wanting to keep their electricity bills down. 

Glass Options

The Stegbar Comfort Energy Efficienct glass range has been designed just to do that, keep you and your family comfortable regardless of the weather outside, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Enjoy saving money on power bills and reducing your impact on the environment with Stegbar Comfort glass. Available in three options; double glazed, toned and Low-E.

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We know from experience that this is a very technical subject, very much dependent on your homes specific location and orientation, as well as the construction method used. We suggest you start by having a conversation with our team. We'll give you no obligation advice on your glass selection and help with any reports or ratings you will need to comply with. 

Toned glass

Toned glass

Perfect for windows that bear the brunt of the summer sun, or for minimising glare in waterfront homes, toned glass comes in a variety of colours including grey, bronze and green. Toned glass helps control the light and heat entering your home, reducing the need for air conditioning and saving you money.

Low-E glass

Low-E glass

If you still want maximum light, but minimum heat, Low-E glass is a great option with its transparent coating that reflects heat and cold. Providing excellent insulation, Low-E glass allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home all year round. Offering solar protection as well, have peace of mind knowing your glazing protects furniture, carpet and curtains from fading. Low-E glass can also be used in double glazing for maximum insulation, and laminated and single glazed options are also available. Low-E toned options are also available. 

Double glazing

Double glazing

Double Glazing is the starting point of superior insulation and creating a thermally comfortable home. Featuring two layers of glass separated by a spacer, providing a substantial barrier against heat loss as well as external noise. To optimise  performance consider options such as air or gas filled. Double glazing offers many benefits including eliminating condensation to protect your carpet, flooring and timber finishes, as well as achieving star energy ratings and larger openings and bigger expanses of glass.

Double glazed Low-E options

Double glazed Low-E options

Take Double Glazing to another level by applying a high-performance soft coat Low-E coating to the inside piece of glass. This helps to further minimise heat loss to the external environment, reducing the windows U value to meet 7-star compliance. Soft coat Low-E is the highest performing Low-E. Or choose the pinnacle of our energy efficient glazing systems, take the power of a Low-E coating and then apply that on both pieces of glass. This solution offers unparalleled thermal efficiency as well as UV protection. While it represents a higher initial investment, the long-term benefits are substantial.

Talk to a technical expert

Talk to a technical expert

For more advice on which energy efficient glazing option in the Comfort Range is best for your home, call the Stegbar team on 1800 681 168 or visit one of our showrooms.


Achieving energy efficiency

When it comes to evaluating the performance of your windows and doors, there are several factors to be considered when deciding the best options for keeping your home thermally comfortable. 

Glazing has the greatest impact and which glass is best depends on your climate and whether more energy is used heating or cooling your house.

‘Climate zones’ are defined by the Australian Building Codes Board, referenced in the National Construction Code and they are used in energy rating a home. 


The above map highlights the different climate zones you’ll find throughout the east coast of Australia. Source:


Window and door specification 

To help you with your Stegbar Comfort Energy Efficient Glazing and window and door product selection, we have developed three product specification guides for cool (zones 6, 7 & 8), temperate (zones 4 & 5) and warm (zone 2) climate zones.  

While performance will be a very important factor in determining what glass you ultimately choose, other factors such as cost, window colours, availability and lead times may also influence your decision.

Stegbar will work with you to  Understand your needs and provide you with a personalised recommendation on product and glass type that will align with your project requirements.



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