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Glass & Glazing

One of the most important decisions you will have to make when building or renovating is “which glass?”

Stegbar aluminium sliding doors

The Building Code of Australia has standards for windows and doors in terms of how they will perform when it rains or is windy; for what type of glass can be used in different types of windows and doors, in specific locations in your home; and for how your home must achieve a specified level of energy efficiency.

But it isn't only about what you must do to comply with the Building Code of Australia. Your home is your haven, and the glass in the windows will significantly impact how comfortable you are in your home. However, like most decisions there is always a compromise that you will have to make:

  • How to maximise natural light while minimising summer heat and glare?
  • How to reduce the discomfort of winter cold and summer heat?
  • How to be secure without building a fortress?
  • How to limit UV fading of furnishings but not create dark damp rooms?
  • How to reduce noise levels without shrinking the windows?
  • How to lower energy consumption and still be comfortable?

With energy efficiency one of the most talked about issues today, it is important to understand that the range of glasses that you can choose from for your windows may be specified and controlled by the need to meet Government mandated energy performance for residential buildings. This does not mean that you cannot also gain other benefits, or achieve energy efficiency beyond what the Government mandates, just that you may not be able to select from the full range of Stegbar glass options.