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Planning your window or door update

Helping you begin the transformation of your home’s windows and doors.

Getting started in your renovation journey is often the hardest step. Whilst it can feel overwhelming at times, Stegbar has compiled a list of a few handy tips and guidelines to help you on your journey.

Budget and Time

Before jumping into designing your new windows and doors, it is important to outline your total financial budget and time constraints early within your renovation journey. As a significant investment into your home’s renovation, it is worth considering not only the upfront costs and time investment of new fenestrations but also the long term benefits of greater energy efficiency and thermal performance that may save you money in the long term. 

Purpose and position

While all windows and doors provide the basic function of providing light and access to the interior of the home, it is important to determine what additional purposes you wish for them to serve. Do you want your new windows and doors to frame a particular view or simply provide ample ventilation and airflow throughout the home? Will your windows be non-opening decorative features or operable openings throughout the home? Identifying your home’s unique needs, challenges and structural quirks will ensure you choose the right style and size for each window and door that suits the space it occupies.


Each room within your home will have unique privacy and access needs that will influence your choice in window and door styles. Particularly within sensitive areas of the home like bedrooms, bathrooms and laundries, it is often important to incorporate effective ventilation solutions that also protect against unwanted intrusions and visibility. High window placement, additional tinting and Privacy glass solutions can ensure your home remains well-lit, breezy and accessible without sacrificing the privacy needs of your family.


With so many variables to consider, it can be hard to know when to start when choosing the design of your new windows and doors. Before jumping in to colour choices and frame finishes, it is important to consider your home’s existing architectural style and layout to ensure you are creating a stylish but coherent exterior that complements its interior features.  Whether your home features modern features and contemporary finishings or simply reflects traditional colonial design, it is a good rule of thumb to adhere to your home’s existing architectural style for guidance.

To help you select the right style of windows and doors for your home, Stegbar’s team of experts can provide friendly advice and information to make your design job so much easier.

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